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"I'm convinced that I am a child of God. That's wonderful, exhlarating, liberating full of promise!"


Maya Angelou

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  • The summer months often create distractions, unstructured free time, and unhealthy lifestyles for many students.  


  • SummerFest is designed to provide education and enjoyable activities for students during their summer break to include games, movies, and fieldtrips. 


The program will consist of three components:

  • The Fall/Winter Program will assists students with math, English and science homework while strengthening their understanding and  learning skills.

  •  The Summer Program is designed to enhance the skills of students in preparation for their next grade level. 

  •  Educational and cultural exposure . Students will have the opportunity to visit museums, galleries, and places of interest to develop “community awareness” and gain a better appreciation of local history and the beauty of nature found in their community.

  • SummerFest-2015 focus is on developing fundamental Math and Reading skills for all levels.; art, music, dance and drama.


  • Middle School and High School Students will also have the opportunity to learn  Englisn, Science, Robotics and Spanish as well as other necessary life skills to enhance their success in an academic environment.


Developing Your Spiritual Understanding (DYSU) is a confirmation lesson focusing on: increasing spiritual awareness; teaching youth how to make sound Christian decisions; and encouraging active participation in the church, school, community and the world.